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Shocking Political Ad Targets Mia Love

Source: Utah Policy Alliance for a Better Utah takes a ham-handed swipe at Mia Love in a new television ad. The shocking ad, which you can see below, literally features an elderly woman in a wheelchair being thrown off a cliff by a man who resembles Speaker Paul Ryan while “America the Beautiful” plays. The

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The company you keep: Mia Love and Paul Ryan to team up

Congresswoman-elect Mia Love went to great lengths during her campaign to refute earlier promises she had made to do away with the Department of Education–including popular Pell grants and subsidized loans that allow many Americans to afford a college education. The assignment of her new congressional mentor, Paul Ryan, gives cause to consider whether or not her

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Paul Ryan is a Liar, and Other Truths

You never forget your first. Or second. Not even your third. There’s the anticipation. The performance anxiety. The months of training. We are both talking about marathons, right? So now that you’re with me, here’s my theory. Normal people might forgive Paul Ryan his “mistake” in stating the wrong time for his marathon. Runners, and

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Better UTAH Beat episode 15! Aug 14, 2012

Alliance for a Better UTAH reviews what every Utahn needs to know about Paul Ryan, including his plan to turn Medicare into a coupon program, privatize Social Security and lower Utah’s budget by $1.5 Billion.

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What Utahns Need To Know About Paul Ryan

No matter who you’re planning to vote for in the upcoming Presidential election, there are a few things all Utahns need to know about Romney’s pick for Vice President, Paul Ryan. Part 1 – Medicare, Taxes and Fiscal Responsibility MEDICARE One of the highlights of Paul Ryan’s budget plan is the conversion of Medicare from

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