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Katie Matheson: Parents should not face pandemic alone

This article originally appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune. Read it in its entirety here. I’m a parent. And like many parents, I often struggle to know what is best for my kids. That comes with the territory of parenting regardless of global events, but is especially true during a pandemic. My latest challenge — knowing whether or not to send my kid to in-person school

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Katie Matheson: Gatekeepers at the Capitol stop popular bills

This article originally appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune. Read it in its entirety here. There are gatekeepers at work in Utah’s government, working behind the scenes to make or break legislation. Some of the bills being held back by these gatekeepers are broadly supported by Utahns, but the guardians of conservative ideology on the Hill are keeping these bills from seeing the light of day

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Foul air threatens health without regard to politics

Better UTAH founder Josh Kanter penned a thoughtful editorial that was published in the Salt Lake Tribune over the weekend. Kanter argues that the solution to the clean air problem in Utah’s northern valleys requires strong leadership that is willing to look past partisanship. We need a leader of Brigham Young proportion if we’re going

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OpEd: Federal assistance has its place

Better UTAH board member Sheryl Allen discusses the mudslides in Saratoga Springs and asks whether Mayor Mia Love is forgoing potential federal assistance because of her harsh stance against federal government programs–programs that could be helping Love’s small town. Check out the editorial in today’s Deseret News here.

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Better UTAH Founder Josh Kanter Gives His Take On ALEC In The Deseret News

Much has been written about the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, as that organization arrives in Salt Lake City for its national conference. ALEC supporters focus on the organization’s founding principles — support of free markets and limited government. Those principles are laudable, and I accept them as authentic. Critics, however, note that ALEC’s

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