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The week in letters: Cell phone law is in effect

The new cell phone law went into effect this week and Utahns across the state responded accordingly in this week’s letters to the editor across the summery and vacation-ready state of Utah. Look, officer, no hands The new distracted driving law is supposed to cut down on accidents from the distractions of a cell phone on the road. It

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For balance, we need Tribune and News

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations.” –George Orwell I’m old school. I still get the Salt Lake Tribune delivered every morning on my doorstep as I drink my morning tea. But I read the Deseret News online, too. I like the balance I get from reading

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The Week in Letters: Pickleball puns and Cesar Chavez

Pickleball puns, Obama’s Cesar Chavez-style communism and firearm safety in this week’s Letters to the Editor from newspapers across the great state of Utah. SLC is going too far with pickleball Salt Lake City’s move to sweep tennis off the public courts and replace it with pickleball is a bad dill. Without any public conversation, the city

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