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New Thanksgiving Traditions

Every year on Thanksgiving, we get together with our families; we eat a lot of food, we talk with our uncles about politics, we laugh, and we have our family traditions. This Thanksgiving we encourage you to make a new family tradition, and it’s something easy you can do with your family. We learned in

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Legislators Turn a Deaf Ear to Native Voices

After the legislature’s call to rescind Bears Ears led the Outdoor Retailer trade show to relocate to Colorado, one would think our representatives would handle future land decisions more carefully and listen to constituents. Including input from those who occupy these lands and consider them sacred is not only the right thing to do, it’s

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Stewart proposes creation of new national park

Source: Utah Channel 3, Cedar City News, St. George News In the wake of the presidential declaration that reduced the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument by nearly half its original size Monday, a Utah congressman wants to turn part of the remaining monument into a national park. The park would be around 100,000 acres in size and

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My View: A Memorial for the Warrior Spirit

Oliver Whaley, one of our Better UTAH interns this semester, grew up in Kayenta, AZ on the Navajo reservation. As a child in grade school, I learned from textbooks that the Navajos were hunters, gatherers and farmers. I never shared this perspective. I always saw and felt otherwise. So when Oliver learned that the Navajo were

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Bill to acknowledge Utah’s native history passes Senate

I support SJR1, Joint Resolution on Museum Recognizing Atrocities Against American Indians. History is multi-perspective. Growing up on the Navajo Indian reservation in Northern Arizona I was taught in school that the Navajo people were hunters, gatherers and farmers, not warriors. This perspective never sat well with me. I saw differently. I felt differently. Then

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