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Today is the last day to register to vote

Time is running out for those hoping to be eligible to vote in the upcoming Utah municipal elections. Today is the last day to register online before the November 5 elections. You can learn the who, what, when, where, and why of voting in Utah by checking out this information page or by watching the video

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Holyoak: Why is voter turnout so low?

Better UTAH Communications Director Isaac Holyoak talked low voter turnout in a Salt Lake Tribune op-ed over the weekend. He suggested that low voter turnout can’t be solved by arguing among the experts. We need to ask Utahns their particular reasons for voting or not voting if we are to improve voter turnout in Utah.

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Local government makes America great

With the exception of the photo of me here after having just voted early, there isn’t anything very sexy about voting in your municipal primaries. I guess that is the nature of local government. Unlike voting for the President of the United States, when the polling stations are buzzing with enthusiastic voters both nervous and

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Municipal elections matter

Better UTAH Beat Episode 59 – August 6, 2013 It can be hard to care about much of anything in August. The days are hot even while they start to get shorter. After weeks without much water, gardens are droopy and sad-looking, lawns a little more yellow. Meanwhile, kids all over the country are dreading

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