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Press Release: Uncounted Ballots and Rescission Shenanigans Show Poor Process

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 16, 2018 UNCOUNTED BALLOTS AND RESCISSION SHENANIGANS SHOW POOR PROCESS Salt Lake City, UT – Following the revelation that over 150 ballot initiative signature packets were missing or otherwise went uncounted a day after clerks were required to have verified signatures and signature rescissions, Josh Kanter, founder and board

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Anti-marijuana group says it’s working with the DEA to sabotage medical pot

This article by Alan Pyke originally appeared at ThinkProgress.org.  Federal officials are getting dragged into a state-level fight over medical marijuana, after opponents of a ballot initiative to legalize the idea in Utah claimed that the Drug Enforcement Agency supports their efforts. The group, Drug Safe Utah, is a registered political organization fronting for the

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The People of Utah have Their Own Legislative Authority

It’s time for our Legislature to quit being the overbearing parent who feels they always know what’s best. When one thinks of the power to make laws here in Utah, the first thing that comes to mind is normally the Utah Legislature. Understandable, as we elect legislators to the Legislature so they may legislate. However,

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Trib Talk: Legislative gut check

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune With the legislative session more than halfway over, what’s next for Medicaid expansion, medical marijuana, e-cigarettes, public lands, air quality and more? On Monday at 12:15 p.m., Utah Eagle Forum’s Gayle Ruzicka, Lola Britton of the Utah League of Women Voters, Libertas Institute’s Connor Boyack and Joshua Kanter of Alliance

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ABU Update: Medical Marijuana and Zion Curtains

Source: KCPW For today’s Better Utah Legislative Update, a look at the shifting conversation in Medical Marijuana in Utah. After meeting with opposition from the LDS Church, one lawmaker says he’ll now try to get a measure on the ballot. Also, a look at an effort to eliminate Utah’s so-called “Zion Curtains.” Listen to KCPW

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Utah PolitiLinks: Proposal to donate unused medications, opposition not end of line for medical marijuana bill

Source: Deseret News Advocacy group says bill would reduce access to mental illness medication Members of the public, health care providers, law enforcement officials and legislators discussed HB18, a bill that would include additional drugs on Medicaid’s preferred drug list. Some residents expressed concern about which medications would be excluded from the list. “That’s the problem with

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