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UTA pass giveaway suggests more can be done

For those hoping to take advantage of UTA’s July pass giveaway, you’re too late. Those 2500 week-long passes were gone after just 26 hours. If the UTA giveaway sounds familiar, that’s because a similar program was initially proposed by House Democrats back in February after the Salt Lake Valley had gone through a string of

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The Wheels on the Bus go round, and round, and round, and round

As part of our Better Air/Better Utah project, I decided to put the Utah Transit system to the test. In past attempts at using transit, the amount of time versus my other responsibilities (i.e kids) just didn’t make it feasible. But considering the air quality, or lack thereof, I felt it was time to try

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SLC still faces same issues 40 years later

While moving last week I stumbled onto a 1970s monograph by the late Dr. Claron E. Nelson, professor of economics at the University of Utah, and, incidentally, my brother-in-law’s grandfather. Dr. Claron’s manuscript, This is a Community: Salt Lake City 1971, is an economic development study of Salt Lake City that considers the city not just

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