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Press Release: Better Utah publishes Legislative Progress Report

PRESS RELEASEFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 12, 2020 Salt Lake City, UT – Today, Alliance for a Better Utah published its annual Progress Report for the 2020 General Legislative Session. This year, lawmakers were graded for their votes on 54 important bills organized into four categories: Strong Communities, Equal Rights, Good Government, and Sustainable Future. All

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Legislative scorecard: How Southern Utah’s lawmakers rank among Sierra Club, Libertas Institute, others

This article originally appeared in St. George News. Read it in its entirety here. ST. GEORGE — Following the conclusion of the 2019 legislative session in March, St. George News created a scorecard showing how state lawmakers representing Southern Utah voted on the matters our readers followed most. In the same vein, various organizations and interest

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Commentary: Will of the people

This article originally appeared in Utah Policy. There are a number of legislators and anti-Medicaid expansion advocates who continue to bluster over what exactly Utah voters meant when they cast their votes for Medicaid expansion in 2018. These legislators insist that S.B. 96 is, in fact, keeping with the will of the people because they’re expanding Medicaid to more than what

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So Long, Farewell…

In middle school and high school, I convinced myself I was destined for the stage (#MusicalTheaterNerd). I sang in choirs, took voice lessons, struggled to touch my toes in ballet class, emoted fiercely in my acting classes… Then everything changed when I took AP Environmental Science  at Highland High (go Rams). This led to my

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Source: KRCL An update on Standing Rock and the growing Native Nations movement in Utah. Guests: Braidan Weeks of Living the Circle of Life, plus PANDOS and the Utah League of Native American Voters. Hosts: Lara Jones and Nick Burns. Utah legislation mentioned on tonight’s show: HB259: Duty to Retreat HB156: State Job Application Process

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Utahns visit Capitol to laud benefits of Affordable Care Act

SALT LAKE CITY — Without the Affordable Care Act, Kammie Garr may be forced to sign her son over to the state so he can get the medical care he desperately needs. “We struggle,” the Clinton mother of three said Wednesday. “He’s better with health care, but many of the therapies that would work for

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Majority of Utahns polled by group oppose Trump’s approach to Obamacare

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune Kammie Garr is among large numbers of Utah residents opposed to President Donald Trump’s plans for repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, as highlighted in a report released Wednesday. Garr spent countless nights in the emergency room with her son, Dominick, diagnosed at age 3 with the birth defect

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The Utah ALEC Report

What exactly has ALEC done to Utah? Who are the legislators who are members? Where can I see examples of Utah lawmakers using ALEC bills? This full and comprehensive report is the result of months of work and answers all those questions and more. Feel free to read it below or download it! Utah ALEC

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