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Utah should seek to develop federal lands near cities, argues a former lawmaker

This article originally appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune. Read it in its entirety here. Utah officials now have a $700,000 tool that they hope will demonstrate the federal government is paying the state a “minuscule fraction” of what it’s due for its public lands. On Friday, a tech firm called Geomancer unveiled the software that Utah lawmakers bought to help them understand the value of the land

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Salt Lake City, UT – The Senate passed HJR 17 this evening, a resolution from Rep. Ken Ivory crafted after several meetings of the Commission on Federalism over the course of the session. HJR 17, “Joint Resolution to Restore the Division of Governmental Responsibilities Between the National Government and the States,” is a resolution from

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For Utah Gov. gay marriage is a giant worth fighting

Pennsylvania’s conservative governor announced Wednesday that he will not appeal a federal court decision that invalidated his state’s gay marriage ban because he believes an appeal has little chance of succeeding. Meanwhile, Utah’s politically similar Gov. Gary Herbert, along with Attorney General Sean Reyes, has continued his crusade against gay marriage in an effort that is quickly becoming quixotic.

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Utah’s Rep. Ken Ivory at center of national debate on public lands

The Better UTAH Beat airs Tuesday afternoons on KVNU’s For the People. Podcasts of previous episodes are available here. —– The public land debate has garnered significant levels of public attention this year. If recent events are any indication, that interest is only set to increase. Several weeks ago the nation’s attention was captured when Nevada rancher Cliven

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Herbert sounds sensible on land use in Nevada

The Better UTAH Beat airs Tuesday afternoons on KVNU’s For the People. Podcasts of previous episodes are available here. —– Today’s Better UTAH Beat is not about a rancher in Nevada who has been ripping off taxpayers to the tune of one million dollars over the last two decades. It isn’t about his assemblage of a ragtag

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Constitutional accountability falls by wayside in bill that eliminates legislative review

Salt Lake City–The Legislature’s self-appointed constitutional expert, Rep. Ken Ivory, wants to make it more difficult for legislators to know whether or not their laws will pass constitutional muster. Ivory’s HJR7, Joint Rules Resolution on Legislative Review, which would eliminate what are often referred to as constitutional review notes, quietly passed the House late Wednesday

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ALEC likely to be influential in Utah’s legislative session

It’s not often that coverage of the American Legislative Exchange Council makes it into the local news, even though many of Utah’s state legislators are members of the secretive lobbying organization. But after the Guardian broke a story about what is often called ALEC, the little known organization made it into one of Paul Rolly’s

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America is under attack

America is under attack, and it isn’t hand-wringing liberal secularists this time around. Extreme proponents of states’ rights are setting up a false divide between state government and federal government, an attitude that neglects the United part of United States. Those attitudes were on display in full force this morning during US Senator Mike Lee’s

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