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New jobs expected with Medicaid expansion

I was recently speaking to a friend about Medicaid expansion. We both agreed this is a matter that goes beyond providing healthcare for more than 140,000 individuals in Utah. We discussed issues such as appropriate qualifications for Medicaid, alternatives of utilizing the promised funds from Washington, if it is wise waiting to expand and whether

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What Utahns Need To Know About Paul Ryan

No matter who you’re planning to vote for in the upcoming Presidential election, there are a few things all Utahns need to know about Romney’s pick for Vice President, Paul Ryan. Part 1 – Medicare, Taxes and Fiscal Responsibility MEDICARE One of the highlights of Paul Ryan’s budget plan is the conversion of Medicare from

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Enough Misleading Campaign Rhetoric Already!

Over the past year, we’ve seen an escalating level of rhetoric from certain conservative candidates in Utah condemning the so-called “out of control” spending spree of the United States Government, and the “failed policies” of the 2009 stimulus package. We call the rhetoric what it is… misleading! There is legitimate debate surrounding the proper role

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