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George Pyle: Selective Saints and cafeteria Catholics

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune Monday, four Utah politicians — all members in good standing of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — explained to a lecture hall at the University of Utah how their faith led them to become Republicans. Or Democrats. Same faith. Different political loyalties and views. Tuesday, two men running

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ABU Education Fund Announces LDS Values Forums

Source: utahpolicy.com The ABU Education Fund, an affiliate of the Alliance for a Better Utah, announced that it will host a series of panel discussions, bringing together LDS elected officials and community thought leaders to discuss the intersection of their faith and politics. Each panel will feature two Democrats and two Republicans, and each will be

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Senators reject bill to raise income tax on richest 1.5% of Utahns

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune Utah senators rejected a move Wednesday to raise the state income tax on the richest 1.5 percent of residents to better fund schools. Sen. Jim Dabakis, D-Salt Lake City, asked the Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee to vote on his SB104. But members — after speaking against it — decided

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Legislators give short shrift to education, again

Education lands near the top of the public’s list of issues every year during the legislative session–for good reason, of course. Economies and societies rely on an educated workforce. So, what is the state of education in our state? The bills being advanced this legislative session offer a few clues. Senator Alvin Jackson is sponsoring

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