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Just Another Manic Monday – September 19

Mondays are manic – this Monday is no different. The headlines from the past week – from the local, Utah level up to the national level – are similarly manic. The news never sleeps. Read on, friends, to see some of the highlights. *** Some Utah news… #1. Op-ed: All viable solutions to teacher shortage

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Wednesday Pick-Me-Up – August 31

It’s Wednesday. Need a pick-me-up? Wednesday Addams (ahem, Madison) here to deliver that little boost to get you through the rest of the week! Read on and be delighted…and maybe a little frustrated. When it comes to politics, there’s usually a combo of the two. *** “Chappatte on Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal” *** “Men: Stop

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Op-ed: This lifelong Republican will be voting for Hillary Clinton

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune I spent the past few weeks tramping through the ruins of lost empires. There’s a Planet of the Apes surrealism to ancient Corinth, and it’s hard not to see parallels between the Delian League and NATO. Delos, Ephesus and Mycenae are the rubble of once-powerful civilizations. It’s impossible to survey

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