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Wednesday Pick-Me-Up – August 31

It’s Wednesday. Need a pick-me-up? Wednesday Addams (ahem, Madison) here to deliver that little boost to get you through the rest of the week! Read on and be delighted…and maybe a little frustrated. When it comes to politics, there’s usually a combo of the two. *** “Chappatte on Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal” *** “Men: Stop

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Gov’s Healthy Utah Plan hits a hurdle at task force meeting

Salt Lake City — The Utah Legislature’s Health Reform Task Force opted today for more of the same by passing a motion not to recommend Governor Herbert’s Healthy Utah Plan. Herbert’s plan would provide insurance, at minimal cost to the state, to tens of thousands of Utahns who earn less than other Utahns. In light

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Shepherd: It’s time to act on Herbert’s Healthy Utah Plan

Poor health is often the first link in a chain of increasingly worse hardships, including job loss, bankruptcy and homelessness, but access to affordable health care can disrupt that chain of events, argued former Congresswoman and Better UTAH Board Member Karen Shepherd in a weekend op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune. Our health is the keystone to our

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On political end zone dances

The Better UTAH Beat airs Tuesday afternoons on KVNU’s For the People. Podcasts of previous episodes are available here. —– When a football player makes a touchdown they sometimes perform what is known as an end zone dance.  The player is excited, they just scored a goal, they want to revel a bit, so many of them

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Silence on Utah’s Capitol Hill over Gov’s Health Plan

Salt Lake City — Despite a new poll showing overwhelming support for Governor Herbert’s Healthy Utah Plan, legislators were silent about expanding health care during their monthly interim session today. Maryann Martindale, executive director of good government group Alliance for a Better UTAH, has released the following statement, calling for urgency in considering health care

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Gov’s health care plan shows compassion, pragmatism

Salt Lake City–The political battle between House Speaker Becky Lockhart and Governor Gary Herbert reached a crescendo today with the unveiling of Herbert’s plan to provide healthcare to poor Utahns. In sharp contrast to Lockhart’s plan, Herbert’s Healthy Utah Plan would cover 111,000 people by offering subsidies to purchase private insurance. The Alliance for a

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Kanter: Obamacare is the result of a grand bargain

Better UTAH Founder Josh Kanter took to the opinion section of the Salt Lake Tribune this weekend to discuss Obamacare and Senator Mike Lee’s obstructionism. Despite the fact that Obamacare is now the law of the land, it is apparent that Lee just can’t abide the bargain contained in the plan, and this speaks to

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Access to health care improves employee productivity

How will the Affordable Care Act improve my company? This is a question often asked by small businesses across the nation. It is an important question because when growing a business, to be successful, you need to keep your cost low and your revenue high. A common concern with the new healthcare law is that

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My View: What’s in a name? Obamacare vs. Affordable Care Act

Better UTAH intern Boo Reiser penned an OpEd over the weekend in the Deseret News discussing the Affordable Care Act. He argues that pragmatism should trump ideology in the healthcare debates, even though it rarely does. As a senior studying health communication at the University of Utah, I’ve had numerous discussions about American health care

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New jobs expected with Medicaid expansion

I was recently speaking to a friend about Medicaid expansion. We both agreed this is a matter that goes beyond providing healthcare for more than 140,000 individuals in Utah. We discussed issues such as appropriate qualifications for Medicaid, alternatives of utilizing the promised funds from Washington, if it is wise waiting to expand and whether

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