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Lawmakers are out of touch on gun safety

Katie Lieberman is an Alliance for a Better Utah board member. Utah lawmakers are clearly out of touch with Utah voters when it comes to suicide prevention. This fact is more evident than ever this legislative session wherein for the third year in a row, despite broad support from communities and stakeholders across the state

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Current state gun laws should be applied fairly, uniformly

Salt Lake City — The Alliance for a Better UTAH has issued the following statement regarding the fair application of current state gun laws: “Though it will be some time before the domestic violence and other charges filed against Utah Shooting Sports Chairman Clark Aposhian are fully adjudicated, and the civil stalking injunction that has

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Petition garners thousands of signers, Gov vetoes HB76

Salt Lake City — Utah Governor Gary Herbert exercised his veto power today in agreement with the majority of Utahns who favor responsible second amendment rights. Herbert vetoed the controversial HB76, Concealed Weapon Carry Amendments, Friday morning. Maryann Martindale, executive director of the Alliance for a Better UTAH, has issued the following statement: “We applaud

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Reason may yet prevail in gun debate

Last week was a big week for gun laws at the legislature.  On Wednesday, five bills were heard during House committee hearings. I attended the hearing for HB76 (this bill would change concealed carry law to allow for guns to be carried without a concealed carry permit) and HB114 (the Second Amendment Preservation Act). My

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Press statement on today’s gun legislation

Salt Lake City — Maryann Martindale, executive director of the Alliance for a Better UTAH, issued the following statement after a series of gun bills were considered at the Utah State Legislature today. “The state legislature heard a series of bills today that seriously infringe upon the right of Utahns to live safe, productive and

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