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Invisible barriers

Last month I started my internship with Alliance for a Better Utah. On my first day, I walked up the steps to the Utah State Capitol wide-eyed and eager to see politics in action. I was first stunned by the intricate details of the rotunda, but now I’m more intrigued by what’s happening on the

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Day 1: Legislative session too important to tune out

As I write this the pomp and circumstance of a new legislative session is just getting underway. Aside from the actual legislative participants and a few observers, many Utahns are only vaguely aware that today marks the beginning of Utah’s 45-day legislative session. A lot will happen over the next few weeks–some of it will be

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Nine suggestions for getting engaged on Utah’s Capitol Hill

After following this year’s legislative session for the first time as an intern for the Alliance for a Better Utah, I have made a list of suggestions for those interested in getting more involved on Utah’s Capitol Hill. Learn to navigate the Utah State Legislature’s official website, www.le.utah.gov. This site will become your light in the

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