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Op-Ed: Urquhart deserves LGBT praise, but there’s much to be done

Troy Williams, KRCL producer and new Better UTAH board member, warned LGBT Utahns against single issue voting in an op-ed that ran over the weekend in the Salt Lake Tribune. It is true that the LGBT community needs support from thoughtful legislators like Urquhart, but just as Urquhart has weighed the political risk of his actions,

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Pride comes to Provo

Provo might be an unlikely place to be hosting an LGBT Pride Festival, but it’s about time it does. With two large universities at its door step, this Utah city of over 100,000 has enough progressively minded people to no doubt make the Sept. 21 festival a resounding success. That is, if they can keep the

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Chick-fil-A; a side order of free speech please

We have been watching with interest a growing controversy. A few weeks ago, as you will recall, the President of Chik-fil-A, Dan Cathy, publicly stated his opposition to same-sex marriage. Since then, nationwide polling has shown that Chick-fil-A’s popularity has taken a 40% dive. It has long been known that Chik-fil-A was a family-owned company

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