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2022 Session Week Three

Last week we saw movement on two problematic bills focused on lawmakers and the free press. HB 96, which raises the cost of accessing public records for those who frequently request them from government entities, passed the House last Wednesday.A lawmaker singled out the Salt Lake Tribune as a “vexatious requester,” implying their requests for

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Guest opinion: Take one small step to prevent gun violence

This article originally appeared in the Deseret News. A few years back, I had the opportunity to experience a slice of Canadian gun control first-hand. I was visiting my sister in Ontario for a birthday celebration, and we may have taken the idea of open-door festivities too far because we woke the next morning to

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It’s Time to Discuss Gun Control

The nation is in terror after what happened in Las Vegas this week. 64-year-old Stephen Paddock shot and killed at least 59 people and injured 500 more. This event is being called the deadliest shooting in recent US history. Across the internet, pictures and videos of victims of this man’s gunfire depict the gruesome consequences

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Utah police get seriously armed at serious costs

Recently, the Salt Lake Tribune published a front-page story outlining the acquisition by Utah police departments of vast quantities of military equipment, particularly assault rifles and armored personnel carriers. This acquisition of military equipment is part of a long and pervasive trend of militarizing police departments across the country and Utah, but Utah’s police departments

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Gun designer’s dying words give pause for reflection

The Better UTAH Beat airs Tuesday afternoons on KVNU’s For the People. Podcasts of previous episodes are available here. —– The man who created the AK-47 is in the news again this week. Not for the weapon he developed decades ago, or for his death last month, but for his apparent remorse. Mikhail Kalashnikov, who developed the

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