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Heber City lawmaker confirmed as judge despite concerns from LGBT community

Source: The Daily Herald A Heber City lawmaker has been confirmed as a new Fourth District Court judge despite concerns from the LGBT community about past legislation. State Rep. Kraig Powell, R-Heber City, was confirmed Wednesday on a unanimous 25-0 vote of the Utah Senate during a special legislative session to take the bench of retiring

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A fair wage for Mother’s Day

Mother’s’ Day has come and gone, but Utah Moms, despite an abundance of fresh flowers in their homes, still experience disadvantages that Moms across the United States don’t experience. Senators Hatch and Lee should account for this disparity. Since they won’t, here is a letter I imagined them sending out to Utah Moms over the

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A Hobby Lobby win would encourage discrimination in Utah

A decision in favor of Hobby Lobby in today’s Supreme Court oral arguments could point to increased opportunities for discrimination in Utah and across the country. Maryann Martindale joined with leaders of Equality Utah and Planned Parenthood to discuss in a weekend op-ed what the high court’s ruling on women’s health could mean for a

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Pride comes to Provo

Provo might be an unlikely place to be hosting an LGBT Pride Festival, but it’s about time it does. With two large universities at its door step, this Utah city of over 100,000 has enough progressively minded people to no doubt make the Sept. 21 festival a resounding success. That is, if they can keep the

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Straights: Be gay-for-a-day to help Russian queers

The Russian government has intensified its assault on gay and trans Russians as the world looks on in horror. Meanwhile, gays and their allies in the United States are feeling helpless even as the media is awash with ideas for helping end the violence against our gay and trans brothers and sisters in Russia. From

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