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Sean Reyes: Greatest Hits

The primaries are over and the general election is quickly approaching. There are going to be many important races on the ballot this year, and I know how difficult it is to learn about each candidate so  that you can make an informed decision when you vote. Not everyone gets paid to follow the latest

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Most Utah legislators being sold to highest bidder

Last week the Salt Lake Tribune reported on campaign contributions. According to their research, 7% of all legislative campaign contributions come from average citizens, just your everyday constituent of a senator or representative. That’s right, just 7%, or 70 cents out of every $10 donation–not even enough to buy a soda from a vending machine.

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With Swallow, we got what we deserved

The last six months have been full of allegations against Attorney General John Swallow. But it didn’t just start in January with the first public accusation. This saga has been going on for years, starting with Mark Shurtleff, Swallow’s 12-year predecessor. The truth is, everyone on this side of the political game knew about Shurtleff’s

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More Voices Call for Swallow’s Resignation

The following is the transcript from this week’s Better UTAH Beat that aired on January 15, 2013. —- It has only been a week since John Swallow was sworn in as Utah’s new Attorney General, but he’s already facing calls for his resignation. Editorial boards of not one but two major newspapers, the Salt Lake

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Better UTAH Beat Episode 32 – January 15, 2013

State Attorney General John Swallow has come under increasing fire for his relationship with disgraced businessman Jeremy Johnson. Three Utah papers (Daily Herald, Salt Lake Tribune, and The Spectrum) have all called for his resignation. In addition to the possible illegality of Swallow’s actions, Better UTAH is also pursuing charges of ethical malfeasance by submitting

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Should Swallow be Disbarred?

Maryann Martindale, executive director of the Alliance for a Better UTAH, released the following statement today regarding recent allegations levied at State Attorney General John Swallow: “The allegations surrounding State Attorney General John Swallow are serious and deserve widespread attention. “As others call for further investigation into these matters, the Alliance for a Better UTAH

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