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Want to escape Utah’s inversion? A progressive group is holding a contest to help you get away

This article originally appeared in Fox 13 News. Read it in its entirety here. SALT LAKE CITY — With cold temperatures setting in and the smog hovering above from another inversion, a left-leaning advocacy group is sponsoring a contest to escape it. The Alliance for a Better Utah is holding a contest for a lucky winner to flee the cold to Las Vegas in mid-February. “Just give people an opportunity

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For clean air, we have to work together

It’s January. The holidays are over, kids are back in school. It is a time of new beginnings and resolutions, and soon the legislative session will begin. It’s also a time for coughing, watery eyes, increased respiratory issues–in other words, the inversion is on its way. Every winter, Utah, especially the northern part of the

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There’s no escaping the harmful effects of inversion season

Salt Lake City — It’s coming. Watery eyes, prolonged cough, and a serious Vitamin D deficiency, all courtesy of Utah’s inversion season. While driving less and eliminating wood burning are the herculean tasks necessary to diminish northern Utah’s air quality problems, a local group is hoping to improve the immediate life of at least one

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Escape the inversion

The inversion is coming and we’d like to help you avoid it–at least for a week. Thanks to a generous donor, we’re giving away a 7-day resort getaway to Sedona, AZ so you can escape the winter inversion. Get some sun and breathe clean air at the beautiful Sedona Summit Resort from Sunday, February 1, 2015 to

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