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An Open Letter to Mike Noel

Dear Rep. Noel, You’ve finally, fully lost me. Up until last week, I may not have agreed with your policies, but I always gave them an extra listen because I assumed at a gut level that you were the kind of straight-shooting, salt-of-the-earth “good man” I grew up with in rural Michigan. That you shared

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Questions arise surrounding Rep. Hughes’ role as UTA board chair

Salt Lake City — An audit of the Utah Transit Authority released yesterday showed gross mismanagement of taxpayer funds, leading one good government group to speak out about potential conflicts of interest between UTA and the state legislature. The audit, requested by the state legislature, will likely be the subject of intense discussion at a

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An open letter to House Speaker Becky Lockhart

The Alliance for a Better UTAH has released an open letter to House Speaker Becky Lockhart following the dismissal of Rep. Lowry Snow as the Chair of the House Committee assigned to investigate allegations of wrongdoing by Attorney General John Swallow. The letter asks Speaker Lockhart, in the interest of transparency and public trust, to

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Ground Hog Day, Swallow-style

The other day I posted on our Facebook page, “You’ve got to be freaking kidding!” I wrote the statement to go along with an article I posted that talked about the potential conflict of interest with the newly appointed legislative investigative committee chair. Let me recap. After months of what seems like almost daily allegations

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Better UTAH Beat Episode 39 – March 5, 2013

The following is the transcript from this week’s Better UTAH Beat. It aired on March 5, 2013. ——– Cui bono? It is a latin phrase the great Roman orator and politician Cicero used when considering a piece of legislation. Translated, the phrase reads: Who benefits? And it is a question that should be asked over

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