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The only personal choice that will save us

If you’ve spent any time on the internet talking or reading about climate change, then you’re likely familiar with the tired comment, “well what are YOU doing about it?! What changes are you making in your life?” *sigh* Utahns value personal choice and personal control over our own futures. A core belief in the ability

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Better Air — Better Utah

In case you missed it, Governor Herbert declared May as Clean Air Month. The Governor really shot for the moon with his list of suggestions for improvement by including such large-scale offenders as old gas cans, older gas lawn mowers, and toxic house paint. Really, it was earth shattering, I breathed deeper and cleaner air

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Cycling to work is time-consuming, but worth it

I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life living in small, college towns, so commuting to work via bike or bus has always been my go-to option. While I was in graduate school at Purdue, I didn’t even own a car and I walked most places. But since moving back to Salt Lake, I’ve

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