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Influential Mormons pushed for church-owned BYU in Big 12

Source: The Desert News SALT LAKE CITY — Some of Utah’s most influential Mormons, including Mitt Romney, Gov. Gary Herbert and the president of the Utah Jazz, lobbied to get the private, Mormon church-owned Brigham Young University an invitation to join the lucrative Big 12 athletic conference. Jazz President Steve Starks said BYU was asked not

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Lee’s conservative ideology is extreme, but so is Congress

A study conducted by a professor at Brigham Young University that argues Sen. Mike Lee is the most ideologically extreme Senator in Utah history is getting significant attention, but a key finding in the study deserves more attention. So far, coverage of the study has overlooked the degree to which ideological extremism on the right outpaces ideological extremism on the left.

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On guns, Lee is clueless

A recent editorial by U.S. Senator Mike Lee in the Deseret News has me again disappointed in our elected leaders. Lee’s lectures on the constitution are usually harmless, if totally annoying and condescending, but his most recent exegesis of the 2nd Amendment should leave Utahns unusually worried about their senator. In the editorial, Lee begins with

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