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This interview originally appeared on KRCL. Listen to the radio segment here. Stronger beer and hate crimes laws, inland port gets muddier, tax reform blues, and more as RadioACTive talks wins and losses with the grassroots groups that have been keeping an eye on #ThePeoplesBusiness for us this year: Emily Walsh, Catherine Weller and Vickie

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Amendments to state constitution need your attention

Salt Lake City — When voters cast their ballots next Tuesday some may be surprised to learn there are more than candidates on the ballot. Three amendments to the Utah state constitution are also up for a vote. While the news cycle has focused on high profile races like the attorney general’s race and the

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For balance, we need Tribune and News

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations.” –George Orwell I’m old school. I still get the Salt Lake Tribune delivered every morning on my doorstep as I drink my morning tea. But I read the Deseret News online, too. I like the balance I get from reading

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Two-party system only works with two parties

Sometimes it feels like our two-party system is always in constant gridlock. Other times it feels like our only choice is between the lesser of two evils. While some might say that we need more alternatives, more parties, I’m happy with our two-party system. I believe it creates the right amount of balance to meet

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Better UTAH founder admits he has a bias

As the founder of the Alliance for a Better UTAH, I am biased. It’s not a bias that I am ashamed of – in fact, it’s a bias that I’m proud of and that led to the founding of Better UTAH. It’s a bias that keeps us going as we come to the close of

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