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August 2017 Interim Session Update: “All Things Water”

Utah has a long way to go to be a leader in water quality. From mine tailing contamination to algal blooms to depleting water supply, Utah faces a potential water crisis. Fortunately, Utah is trying to fix the problem, but that process is speckled by pros and cons. The Good   Governor Herbert requested a

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August 2017 Interim Session Update: “Healthcare and All that Good Stuff”

Healthcare and All that Good Stuff: August 2017 It was a busy week on the hill for healthcare committees. Legislators heard from various groups on medicaid expansion, insurance premiums, and general healthcare structures. Healthcare Systems Legislators heard from the The Commonwealth Fund, which included a presentation on the general health of the healthcare system, comparison

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August 2017 Interim Session Update: Water Rights and the Struggle for Power

Commission on Federalism: August 2017 Ah, Federalism — Utah legislators’ favorite topic. Representative Ivory is still pushing for a scholarship essay, in which students detail “how federalism secures the blessings of liberty.” President Niederhauser elicited a round of applause for lamenting the loss of state sovereignty, and Senator Dayton claimed the federal government is trying to

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August 2017 Interim Session Update: What to do about property taxes??

Property Tax Working Group, Utah Tax Review Commission – 8/22/17 When somebody says “fun legislative committee meeting,” what’s the first thought that pops into your head?? Well, obviously Property Tax Reform!!! During August’s Interim Session, the legislature met to discuss property taxes as part of its broader review of Utah’s tax system. Miraculously, I managed

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August 2017 Interim Session Update: Teachers’ Salaries

Education Interim Committee – 8/23/17 Education–it’s important! However, as we all know “action speak louder than words,” and while our legislators continue to speak tough on funding education, their actions continue to say otherwise. During August’s Interim Session, legislators met and discussed the topic of “Educator Salaries and Retention,” and although it seems like everyone

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