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The only personal choice that will save us

If you’ve spent any time on the internet talking or reading about climate change, then you’re likely familiar with the tired comment, “well what are YOU doing about it?! What changes are you making in your life?” *sigh* Utahns value personal choice and personal control over our own futures. A core belief in the ability

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Have you checked out Better Utah’s new Progress Report?

It can be tough to know if your legislators are doing a good job. State representatives tend to slide under the radar, and local elections just aren’t as sexy! We get it, but we also believe supporting good local candidates is the way to make your vote go the distance. Our 2019 Progress Report can

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All the things the Utah State Legislature did to your life this year

This article originally appeared on Fox 13. Read it in its entirety here. SALT LAKE CITY — What just happened? The Utah State Legislature just happened! Hard to believe it was 45 days ago that lawmakers opened the 2019 legislative session to protests over their plans to replace Proposition 3, the voter-approved Medicaid-expansion ballot initiative.

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Want to escape Utah’s inversion? A progressive group is holding a contest to help you get away

This article originally appeared in Fox 13 News. Read it in its entirety here. SALT LAKE CITY — With cold temperatures setting in and the smog hovering above from another inversion, a left-leaning advocacy group is sponsoring a contest to escape it. The Alliance for a Better Utah is holding a contest for a lucky winner to flee the cold to Las Vegas in mid-February. “Just give people an opportunity

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My Losing Battle with Utah’s Inversions

Last night, I didn’t fall asleep until 3:30 am. If you ask any of my colleagues at work, they’ll let you know this is definitely a common occurrence for me. I often show up to work looking like I haven’t slept in weeks. I’m a night owl — I prefer staying up late and sleeping

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Clean Air Caucus

What could possibly bring Utah’s Republicans and Democrats together? Take a deep breath and you’ll have the answer. Air pollution, a longstanding problem that harms both citizens’ health and the state’s economic growth, caused legislators to reach across the aisle and create the bipartisan Clean Air Caucus. The group was founded by Rep. Patrice Arent,

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Faulty Air-Quality Monitors – and an Escape

What you don’t know can certainly harm you, especially when it comes to the air you breathe. That’s why Utah’s network of air-quality monitors is vital to citizens’ health – and why it’s so troubling that many of these monitors are outdated, damaged and obsolete. “Monitors are the foundation of our air quality program,” Rep.

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