Statement regarding additional John Swallow allegations; investigations must proceed

Salt Lake City — In light of additional allegations surrounding Attorney General John Swallow, Maryann Martindale, executive director of the Alliance for a Better UTAH, has issued the following statement:

“A concerning pattern of allegations of unethical behavior by Attorney General John Swallow is becoming harder and harder to ignore or disbelieve.

“With FBI and Department of Justice investigations, a new Utah State Bar complaint, a previous bar complaint that has gone unresolved for nearly four months now, and allegations of campaign finance violations that the Lt. Governor’s office continues to sidestep, one has to wonder what the tipping point will be before the Governor or other prominent state leaders call for Swallow’s resignation or pursue impeachment options. What we need is resolution, not another round of investigations.”

“This is a black eye on the entire state, regardless of political affiliation. With Swallow under such a dark cloud of suspicion, citizens of Utah have lost all confidence in the office of Attorney General–the very office that should be above reproach. The damage he is doing to the office and the State is immeasurable and he should step aside for the good of both.”

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