State Senate Ignores Public Input; Confirms Guv’s Nominee to State Records Committee

Salt Lake City – The State Senate voted today to confirm former-state representative Holly Richardson to the State Records Committee without seeking public comment through a committee hearing. The Alliance for a Better UTAH has released the following statement:

“We are disappointed with the senate’s decision to confirm the Governor’s appointment, Holly Richardson, to the state records committee without a full committee hearing. Utahns deserve to know what their elected leaders are doing, and that means listening to the interests of Utahns in such an important appointment as this one. The significance of the state records committee cannot be underestimated. It is vital to an open, transparent and fully functioning democracy. The level of controversy over the individual or process should not be the standard by which the process is respected or ignored.

“We hope Holly will be a faithful defender of the public’s right to information.”

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