State Legislators Join Alliance for a Better UTAH in Condemning Campaign Lies

Salt Lake City — State Legislators Patricia Jones and Carol Spackman Moss joined with the Alliance for a Better UTAH Friday at the Salt Lake City Cemetery to condemn recent lies in local campaign literature.

Maryann Martindale, executive director of the Alliance for a Better UTAH, condemned the hypocrisy of State Republican Party Chair Thomas Wright.

“Wright has publicly spoken out against negative campaigning, yet he turns around and produces some of the most egregious campaign lies we’ve seen this election cycle,” said Martindale. “Wright was against negative campaigning before he was for it.”

Martindale was referencing a statement from Wright earlier this year in which he claimed that “it [negative campaigning] doesn’t matter if it works or it doesn’t. It’s the damage it does to the system.”

“It’s not OK when it crosses the line and everybody knows where that line is,” said Wright.

With less than two weeks until Election Day, the Alliance for a Better UTAH hopes candidates will find themselves on the honest side of that line.

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