Six things to Avoid General Conference Traffic

This article originally appeared in Salt Lake Magazine. Read it in its entirety here.

Cats, beer, and aging rockers, oh my! We’ve got events to get you through the week and maybe even to help you avoid the downtown General Conference traffic.

Wednesday, October 3

Sim Gill vs. Nathan Evershed. Two politicians enter, one politician leaves at the ACLU and Alliance for a Better Utah-hosted District Attorney debate. Well, ok. No. But basically, your ballot is its own kind of steel cage death match—it’s best to make an informed decision on these matters.

Thursday, October 4

Singer-songwriter Gregory Alan Isakov is very, very in touch with his feelings, and the proof is in his songs. His cult-like following will be out in full effect at The Eccles this week—aided, no doubt, by the inclusion of Utah’s own Joshua James as his supporting act.

What’s the opposite of singer-songwriter? Well, Ozzy Osbourne, of course. And his farewell tour is stopping at Usana this week before he retires to bite the heads of bats as a private citizen. The forecast calls for rain, which somehow feels all the more fitting for this one.

Saturday and Sunday, Oct 6 & 7

Occasionally, Fisher Mansion property opens up to plebes like us, thanks to Fisher Brewing. They bring the beer and the bands, you bring your drinking face and dancing feet. Also: There is cornhole.

Sunday, October 7

We’ve been talking about it for ages, and it’s finally here. The Salt Lake magazine Farm-to-Glass Cocktail Contest Party! We take the best bartenders, tell them to create a cocktail using local ingredients, and then put them all to the test. Sample them at the event, and vote for a winner. And even better, Monday is a holiday for most of us, so you don’t even have to call into work the next day.

Tuesday, October 9

Hot yoga. Boozy yoga. Goat yoga. Whatever. Zzz. But hey, cat yoga? That’s a new one. And it’s a fundraiser. Salt Lake County Animal Services wants you to downward dog with adoptable cats.

This article originally appeared in Salt Lake Magazine. Read it in its entirety here.
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