RELEASE: While Mia Love Speaks At Convention, Not All Utahns Feel The Love

For Immediate Release: August, 28, 2012 

While Mia Love Speaks at Convention, Not All Utahns Feel The Love


 As the GOP puts the spotlight on congressional candidate Mayor Mia Love in Tampa tonight, not all Utahns are happy with Love’s plan for college students. A local Utah non-profit, the Alliance for a Better UTAH, is working to educate Utahns about Love’s plan and how it would eliminate all government support for student loan programs. 

Three fourths of Utah’s 214,000 college students rely heavily, if not solely, on federal aid” says Josh Kanter, founder of Alliance for a Better UTAH. “If Mia Love were to successfully implement her goal to cut all federal funding for student loans, pell grants and work study, many of of these students would be forced to drop out of school completely.” 

The Alliance for a Better UTAH has noted that Mia Love herself used these federal student aid programs to put herself through college in Connecticut. And the first of a series of short videos about “The No-Love Plan,” is circulating among college campuses. 

Video at: 

As Mia Love takes the stage tonight at the Republican National Convention,” Kanter continued, “we hope she enjoys the spotlight in Tampa, because in Utah we’re not all feeling the love.” 

Alliance for a Better UTAH is a non-profit progressive issue advocacy organization, based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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