RadioActive: June 27, 2017

Source: KRCL

Hosted by Lara Jones and Noor Ul-Hasan, tonight’s RadioActive was packed full of grassroots activists and community builders working on healthcare, non-partisan elections for the board of education, refugee and immigrant rights, and imploring others to speak up and speak out often. Guest lineup:

Jim McConkie, Refugee Justice League, with reaction to the SCOTUS ruling allowing Pres. Trump’s travel ban to take effect. The court will hear the case in the fall.

Chase Thomas, ABU Education Fund and attorney David Irvine explain the lawsuit filed today to challenge last year’s law establishing partisan elections for the Utah State Board of Education. CLICK HERE for an FAQ on the lawsuit.

Ludovica Angelica Giusti of Ludonation, which will present the Hanging Around the World Festival this Saturday at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center in WVC. Live music from Bri Ray, an Orem-based singer-songwriter who will perform at the festival.

Amos Guiora, law professor at the University of Utah and author of The Crime of Complicity: The Bystander in the Holocaust, on Not the Time for the Sounds of Silence.

Last but not least, RadioActive gets local reaction to the Better Care Reconciliation Act with Jason Stevenson, Utah Health Policy Project; Stacy Stanford, Healthier Utah Coalition; and Dr. Scott Poppen, Doctors for America. Activist Psarah Johnson also called in during this segment to talk about shutting down State Street in front of the Federal Building with the Disabled Rights Action Committee of Utah. Check out KRCL’s live stream of that direction action.


Listen to KRCL radio segment here.

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