Protesters rally in Salt Lake against U.S. immigration policy

This article by Alec Williams originally appeared in the Deseret News.

SALT LAKE CITY — About 50 people rallied outside the U.S. Attorney’s Office downtown Friday afternoon, protesting a new “zero tolerance” immigration policy that separates families trying to cross the southwest border.

“Today, nearly 200 rallies across the nation are coming together,” María del Mar Gonzáles, a community outreach fellow for ACLU Utah, said to the crowd over a loudspeaker. “Today, this is the moment of movement.”

In May, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced those entering the country illegally will be prosecuted criminally, rather than civilly like in previous years, in an attempt to dissuade Central American families from traveling to the border. If a mother and father are apprehended for illegal entry, any minor with them will be separated. Children cannot stay with a parent during the criminal court process.

Reports that 658 children have been separated from their parents between May 6 and May 19 — according to a Customs and Border Protection official’s report to lawmakers — stirred debate on the policy that opponents say needlessly harms children.

ACLU Utah primarily organized the Salt Lake rally along with other nationwide protests of the Trump administration’s new policy.

Local organizations such as Alliance for a Better Utah and Mormon Women for Ethical Government participated in the event as well.

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1 Comment
  1. Dave Morgan
    Jun, 2, 2018

    People please stop exploiting children with your protest signs. Let them enjoy their innocent youth. I know this is hard to understand, so I will type real sloooooooooow. When adults for whatever reason break the law. Their children will suffer the consequences. Are the children to blame? Absolutely not! The parents are to blame for dragging their children into the illegal nature of their actions. So please answer me this. Why do groups like yours shield the criminal actions of parents only to beat people like me over the head with The Children? Myself and others like me don’t have cold hearts. We are as companionate as the next person. We just have the ability to see issues as they really are.
    Dave Morgan