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Press Release: Stewart is Yet Again an “Apologist In Chief”


Salt Lake City, UT – Today, Representative Chris Stewart appeared on CNN to discuss the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. Chase Thomas, executive director of Alliance for a Better Utah issued the following response:

“This is yet another instance of Stewart attempting to act as an apologist for Donald Trump, and the result is once again absolutely horrific. It doesn’t matter if journalists have been killed in other countries. Journalists should not be assassinated. Period. We believe in ‘freedom of the press’ here, and we should be promoting that ideal around the world, not excusing it because it’s politically convenient in excusing the blunders of our president.”


Alliance for a Better Utah is a good government advocacy and watchdog organization based in Salt Lake City. The organization works to improve the lives of all Utahns by ensuring balance, transparency, and accountability in Utah politics, policy, and government. More information at

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