Press Release: Riverton City Council is out of bounds


Salt Lake City, UT – Tonight, Riverton City Council will discuss a resolution that would support an anti-choice stance on a woman’s right to make her own reproductive decisions. Lauren Simpson, policy director for Alliance for a Better Utah, issued the following statement:

“This is a wildly inappropriate insertion of council members’ personal beliefs into a municipal body. City council members are elected by local residents to make sure public aspects of community life run smoothly, and to handle issues such as fixing potholes, keeping the water on, and running parks and rec programs.

“Having an opinion about what moment life begins is not within the purview of any city council. We hope the Riverton City Council will reconsider this errant resolution, and get back to the real and important work of municipal government.”


Alliance for a Better Utah is a good government advocacy and watchdog organization based in Salt Lake City. The organization works to improve the lives of all Utahns by ensuring balance, transparency, and accountability in Utah politics, policy, and government. More information at

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