Press Release: Better UTAH Responds to UDOT’s Delivered Check

Better UTAH Responds To UDOT’s Delivered Check
Salt Lake City, Utah – After more than a year of the unknown, Denice Graham, the wrongfully terminated UDOT employee, has finally received a check for her back pay. Despite the ruling by the Administrative Judge, UDOT Director John Njord has been holding Ms. Graham’s compensation hostage while playing partisan games and using press double-speak. We are relieved to see the battle for Denice’s back pay come to an end and hope that UDOT will allow her to resume her regular duties without further punitive action. However, Alliance for a Better UTAH is concerned at the poor management decisions and unethical behavior by UDOT and John Njord, and the overall lack of leadership shown by Governor Herbert, in addressing this serious matter.

“Better UTAH is pleased that UDOT has finally provided Ms. Graham with the compensation she deserves. We can only hope that Director Njord has also had the decency to privately apologize to Denice for all that she has been through.” says Maryann Martindale, Executive Director of Better UTAH. “But this should not be the end of this matter and the receipt of a check should not permit Governor Herbert and Director Njord to brush so many open questions under the rug. The Alliance for a Better UTAH renews its call on Governor Herbert to open an independent investigation into the practices and alleged ethics violations at UDOT and the Utah Attorney General’s office that have surfaced as a result of the $13 million UDOT payout scandal and the handling of Ms. Graham’s firing and rehiring.”

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