Press Release: Better Utah Responds to Filing


CONTACT: Katie Matheson | Alliance for a Better Utah |

Salt Lake City, UT – In response to Utah Policy’s report that a new ballot initiative is being filed with the intent to repeal SB 54, the Count My Vote compromise, Chase Thomas, policy and advocacy counsel for the good-government group, Alliance for a Better Utah, issued the following statement:

“We respect the voice of all Utahns and encourage the careful use of the ballot initiative process. With few exceptions, the legislature should respect the outcome of these initiatives and facilitate greater access to this process.

“That being said, substantively, we strongly oppose this so-called ‘Freedom of Association’ initiative. Utahns have shown continued support for allowing a signature route to the ballot, an option giving them a greater say in choosing their elected officials. This support has been shown both in public opinion polls and by the refusal of the legislature to renege on their legislative compromise, a compromise which did not impair any right to associate.

“The ability of parties to nominate candidates continues under SB 54. The ability for Utahns to nominate their own candidates through signature gathering should continue as well.”



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