Press Release: Abortion ban bill could result in second degree felony for women who perform their own abortions


Salt Lake City, UT – Following debate and passage of SB 174, Abortion Prohibition Amendments, in the House Health and Human Services Committee, Lauren Simpson, policy director for Alliance for a Better Utah, issued the following statement:

“It is time for any conservatives who care about personal liberty, maternal health, or criminal justice reform to stand up against this unbelievably cruel and extreme bill. Senator McCay conceded that his ban could result in a second degree felony for someone who attempts to self-administer an unsafe abortion and ends up in the hospital as a result. If Roe v. Wade is overturned and this bill becomes law, the most vulnerable women in Utah will pay a tremendous price. Abortion should remain safe and legal, and a woman should have the agency to make that choice in consultation with her doctor, her family, and her faith–not her politicians.” 

“Even when faced with shocking data about health outcomes for women in countries where abortion is illegal, all but three legislators voted in favor of the bill. We are grateful to Reps. Ray Ward, Sandra Hollins, and Jennifer Dailey-Provost for standing up for Utahns’ fundamental rights.” 


Alliance for a Better Utah is a nonprofit that holds politicians accountable and advocates for progressive policies that make Utah an even better place. The organization improves the lives of all Utahns through advocacy, transparency, and accountability in Utah politics, policy, and government. More information at

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