OpEd: Hughes’ closed legislating is odd public morality

Board members of Alliance for a Better UTAH penned an op-ed this week in the Salt Lake Tribune, pointing out the odd contradictions in House Speaker Greg Hughes’ decision not to publicly discuss Healthy Utah.

On the one hand, the House is the voice of the people–as evidenced by the dictum Vox Populi that displays over the Speaker’s chair. On the other hand, the House has decided to conduct its business behind closed doors by shutting out the voice of the people in the process.

For House Republicans under Hughes’ leadership, the beauty of closed caucus hypocrisy is that no one ever needs to be accountable to the voice of the people on one of the most important public policy issues legislators have been called on to make.

While Utah legislators play their political games under the cover of a closed caucus, the public outcry in support of Healthy Utah has been resolute. The House has relented to the pressure and the bill will be heard in committee Wednesday evening.

The full op-ed can be read here.

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