Op-Ed: Urquhart deserves LGBT praise, but there’s much to be done

troy williams imageTroy Williams, KRCL producer and new Better UTAH board member, warned LGBT Utahns against single issue voting in an op-ed that ran over the weekend in the Salt Lake Tribune.

It is true that the LGBT community needs support from thoughtful legislators like Urquhart, but just as Urquhart has weighed the political risk of his actions, so, too, should LGBT Utahns. Urquhart has been adversarial on many issues important to our families. These also happen to be issues that affect all Utahns regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

He goes on to argue that “what gay (and straight) Utahns really need are strong labor laws and equal pay for women, Medicaid expansion and affordable health care, safe gun laws and robust funding for public education.”

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