Mia Love’s Rhetoric Says “Lower Taxes,” But Her Record Says “Raise Taxes”

Mia Love, candidate for Congressional District 4 can’t quite get her rhetoric to match her actual record. As Mayor of Saratoga Springs, when their deficit began to rise she solved the problem by cutting expenditures, then raising taxes by 116%.

But now that she’s a candidate all we hear from Mia Love is how she believes in lowering taxes. Which should we believe? Her words or her actions?

On tax policy, Love defended her record as a council member and, currently, mayor of Saratoga Springs. She said that when she came into office, the city’s budget was balanced on building fees, which proved unsustainable, and when the housing market collapsed, it left the city with a shortfall.

She said the first option was to cut government. But she also more than doubled the property tax rate in an effort to balance the budget — voting for an increase of 116 percent in the property tax rate.

Asked if there was a federal budget proposal she would support, Love said she is “looking at the Paul Ryan plan,” which would privatize Medicare and turn Medicaid and other programs into block grant programs to the states. It would cut taxes by $4.6 trillion, on top of extending the Bush-era tax cuts, according to a review by the Tax Policy Center.

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