Meet our interns, Part 3: Diya Shah

We’re happy to welcome three university students who will be interning with us during the legislative session this year. They’ll be posting regularly about the specific issues they are following and their experiences on the hill. This week, they are taking a moment to introduce themselves. Last up is Diya Shah. Diya is a political science and international studies major at the University of Utah. We’re excited to have her on board.
I’m Diya Shah and I’m excited to be part of the Alliance for a Better UTAH as an intern.

I am currently studying political science and international studies at the University of Utah. I also work at the Center for Ethnic Students Affairs as a peer mentor. As a peer mentor, I am an example to incoming freshmen students of color. I assist them in learning about social justice issues such as oppression of people of color, gender and sexual orientation. I also introduce them to numerous leadership and internship opportunities. Thus, I have been consistent in empowering students of color by connecting them to their dreams and passions and creating environments conducive to their growth and learning.

I am looking forward to this year’s legislative session. I have been assigned to track bills related to education. As I am not very familiar with issues concerning education, I am excited to learn more about this topic. I understand that state policies have tremendous effects on education. Therefore, I am interested in understanding how certain bills could affect education in general.

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