Meet Oliver Whaley, our newest Better UTAH intern

Oliver Whaley is a graduate student in Southern Utah University’s Master of Public Administration program. We’re happy to have him on board.
oliver whaley imageHello, my name is Oliver Baahozho Whaley. I am Navajo and grew up in the small town of Kayenta, AZ on the Navajo Indian reservation. I am currently finishing up a master’s degree in public administration at Southern Utah University and have been accepted into law school for fall of 2014–destination still to be decided.

My middle name, Baahozho, can be directly translated into meaning “someone who possesses inner happiness.” A person who is “baahozho” could be riding along I-15 in the rain, get a flat tire, and still resonate happiness. Happiness is therefore not conditioned on outside influences, such as receiving a gift from someone, but in the attitude of the individual and how they respond to the people and world around them.

Politics can often bring out the worst in people, but that cannot stop us from becoming involved. With the start of the 2014 Utah Legislative session, we have all been provided a great opportunity to become involved with Utah politics and have our voices heard. So as we do so, let’s have our actions reflect that of “baahozho,” in both how we conduct ourselves and our behavior toward others.

Also, remember that here at the Alliance for a Better Utah, we are your personal resource to understanding the current issues. Follow us, feel free to ask questions, and start getting involved. Here is to a productive Utah Legislative session and a great 2014 year!

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