Letter: Herrod is Trumpesque

Source: Deseret News

Chris Herrod and Ronald Reagan do have something in common — good hair. That’s where the similarity ends.

Cherilyn Eagar got it all wrong in her op-ed of July 15. Chris Herrod, a candidate for the Republican nomination for the 3rd Congressional District, is not Reaganesque. But he is definitely Trumpesque.

He did not support even reasonable proposals on immigration as a legislator. He opposed the LDS-supported Utah Compact that could have led to immigration policies that were fair, compassionate and promoted good economic principles.

As a Utah County Republican, he supported Republican loyalty oaths for all Republican candidates. His focus was always on the will of the delegates rather than the needs and priorities of the citizens of Utah County.

And Herrod has displayed an ego similar to Donald Trump. Five Utah County conservative legislators promoted themselves as “The Fabulous Five” with video clips, dramatic music and strutting in the Capitol halls. Both Herrod and Trump believe they have invincibility, and they are always correct.

So tell is like it is. Chris Herrod is Trumpesque!

Sheryl Allen

North Salt Lake

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