Legislative scorecard: How Southern Utah’s lawmakers rank among Sierra Club, Libertas Institute, others

This article originally appeared in Utah Channel 3. Read it in its entirety here.

ST. GEORGE — Following the conclusion of the 2019 legislative session in March, St. George News created a scorecard showing how state lawmakers representing Southern Utah voted on the matters our readers followed most.

In the same vein, various organizations and interest groups ranging from conservative to liberal have also tallied their own rankings of Southern Utah’s lawmakers.

Most recently, the Utah Sierra Club released its scorecard, wherein the majority of the Legislature received a failing grade on environmental issues. Other organizations with scorecards ranking legislators based on the issues include Planned Parenthood, the Libertas Institute, the Utah Taxpayers Association and Alliance for a Better Utah.


Alliance for a Better Utah, a liberal-leaning government watchdog group, calls its scorecard the “Progress Report.” The report provides a ranking of legislators in relation to their support for “strong communities, equal rights, good government, and providing a sustainable future.”

Te alliance’s scorecard assigned letter grades to Southern Utah’s lawmakers based on how they voted in this year’s Legislature.

Brad LastCDon IpsonD
V. Lowry SnowCEvan VickersC
Walt BrooksCDavid HinkinsD
Rex ShippCRalph OkerlundC
Phil LymanD
Merrill NelsonC
Travis SeegmillerD

This article originally appeared in Utah Channel 3. Read it in its entirety here.

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