Lee and Hatch turn backs on 20,000 unemployed Utahns

Salt Lake City–While the vote to extend unemployment benefits to the long-term unemployed passed the Senate with bipartisan support in distant Washington D.C., here in Utah, over 20,000 unemployed Utahns are left wondering why Senators Hatch and Lee voted against the measure.

Maryann Martindale, executive director of good government group Alliance for a Better UTAH, has released the following statement in solidarity with jobless Utahns:

“Today’s vote by Hatch and Lee, while unsurprising, is nevertheless very disappointing. Despite bipartisan support for extending long-term unemployment benefits, Hatch and Lee have instead voted to deny basic levels of subsistence to their unemployed constituents in favor of catering to the wishes of extreme, right wing special interest groups.

“Notwithstanding Hatch and Lee’s votes, the measure successfully passed the Senate and will now go to the House where it is expected to face fierce opposition. We hope that opposition won’t come from Utah’s four Congressmen–Bishop, Chaffetz, Stewart and Matheson. When they cast their votes, we urge our Congressmen to think of the 20,000 Utahns and constituents they represent whose families depend upon extended unemployment benefits while they continue their searches for gainful employment.”
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Maryann Martindale
Executive Director, Alliance for a Better UTAH
801.557.1532 | maryann@betterutah.org

Isaac Holyoak
Communications Director, Alliance for a Better UTAH
801.664.9751 | isaac@betterutah.org
Alliance for a Better UTAH |  801.557.1532   | www.betterutah.org
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