Lawmakers must defend the freedom to vote


Salt Lake City, UT – In response to today’s Judiciary Interim Committee meeting during which Utah’s elections and the freedom to vote were attacked, Melissa Nelson-Stippich, engagement director for Alliance for a Better Utah, issued the following statement:

“The freedom to vote is something all Utahns can get behind, and the attacks on this fundamental right in today’s committee meeting were an embarrassment for our state. The Legislature should be above hosting such a spectacle during an official meeting, the result of which was the spread of disinformation in an effort to sabotage future elections. If a few Utahns have misguided concerns about the most recent election, lawmakers should use that as an opportunity to explain and educate on Utah’s gold-star election process, not further entertain false beliefs that threaten the people’s ability to elect leaders who represent them and can deliver on their needs.

“We hope lawmakers will defend our nationally-recognized election process and encourage more participation, not create barriers to voting.”

Alliance for a Better Utah is a nonprofit that holds politicians accountable and advocates for progressive policies that make Utah an even better place. The organization improves the lives of all Utahns through advocacy, transparency, and accountability in Utah politics, policy, and government. More information at

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