Kanter: We need a reasoned tone in same-sex marriage debate

standard examiner imageThe debate over same-sex marriage has brought out the very worst in some of us. The Editorial Board at the Standard-Examiner is the exception. Josh Kanter, founder of Better UTAH, discussed the Standard-Examiner’s approach to ensuring civil, Utah values-based discussion of same-sex marriage in a recent op-ed.

In what should be required reading for all Utahns, the Standard-Examiner graciously argued in a Jan. 5 editorial that, even with the controversy surrounding Judge Shelby’s decision, “what unites Utahns is our strong belief and practice of values, including compassion for others, strong ties to family, and expressions of love for those we choose to spend our lives with, same-sex or opposite-sex.”

Other papers in Utah have not been as generous, Josh notes.

Unfortunately, this sort of reasoned tone has been rare in the discussion over same sex marriage.

The Deseret News set the tone for much of the rancor with its front-page editorial calling Shelby’s ruling “judicial tyranny.” Others, like Sen. Stuart Reid and Gov. Gary Herbert, called Shelby’s ruling an act of “judicial activism,” yet they voiced no criticism of the County Clerks who then refused to follow the law.

You can read the entire op-ed here.


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