Manic Monday

Just Another Manic Monday – August 22

It’s that time of week again: it’s Monday. But is it a manic Monday? You be the judge. Here’s a review of the top Utah and national news from the past week.


Some Utah news…

#1. Robert Redford: Obama Must Protect Sacred Utah Land – Even Robert Redford can see the importance of a Bears Ears National Monument.

#2. Study: Utah’s wage gap for black women is 10th worst in the U.S. – The wage gap between men and women is horrendous in Utah – and it’s worse if you’re a woman of color.

#3. Utah counties pull Oakland port loan application, but haven’t given up on project – Well…this took an interesting turn.

#4. Exclusive: Donald Trump: Utah can help make America great again – Trump’s Op-ed – talk about a hodgepodge of divisive topics!

#5. Clinton Eyes Flipping Utah, Director of State Campaigns Says – Utah hasn’t gone blue since 1964 – is this the year we’ll do it again?!

Some general news…

#6. The world is getting better at paid maternity leave. The U.S. is not. – Get it together, U.S.!

#7. Donald Trump calls for ‘extreme vetting’ of people looking to come to the United States – Oh, dear.

#8. Milwaukee’s riot didn’t happen in a vacuum. It happened in the US’s most segregated city. – Segregation is still a thing, and we are seeing its effects.

#9. Donald Trump Catches Critics by Surprise With One Word: ‘Regret’ – This is yuge (…but is it really?).

#10. Justice Department says it will end use of private prisons – This is actually yuge.


Until next week,


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