Manic Monday

Just Another Manic Monday – August 15

I’m back with another edition of “Just Another Manic Monday.” Last Monday was truly manic, and I was not able to give you the highlights of news from the past week. I do apologize. These things happen. Continue reading to see the peaks and valleys from this past week from within our state and at the national level.


#1. Land transfer battles rage on, county by county – The American Lands Council is alive and well and living in Utah and Nevada

#2. Exclusive: Hillary Clinton: What I have in common with Utah leaders – Will playing the religious card appeal to Utah’s LDS population?

#3. Bid to censure West Jordan city councilman falls short – In one word, we can describe this outcome as “disappointing.”

#4. Utah teachers say new licensing option will further erode profession – Let’s talk about band-aid solutions, shall we?

#5. Utah guv sticking by Trump, says ‘unvarnished’ comments part of his appeal – No, Herbie, no!!!

#6. 6 things to know about independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin – Yeah, we hadn’t heard of him either – but this Utahn might have more experience than Trump (and he’s definitely nicer)

#7. GOP senator Susan Collins: Why I cannot support Trump – R-E-S-P-E-C-T – find out what means to all of us, Trump!

#8. Top Democrats warn against writing off Trump – “Constant vigilance!” – rallying cry for Democrats in the face of Trump (and a rallying cry all too familiar to Harry Potter fans – am I right?)

#9. Donald Trump Suggests ‘Second Amendment People’ Could Act Against Hillary Clinton – Yeah, this happened

#10. Trump escalates claim that Obama founded ISIL – And yeah, this happened too


Until next week,


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